Citizens & Communities!

Citizens are connecting, organising and innovating in ways that benefit the world and the lives of others.

Communities are coming together to; support each other, improve where they live, fix their high streets and restart their local economy.

Their creativity, care and ingenuity is bringing something new into being.

Local Organisations & Businesses

Local organisations, authorities and charities are experimenting and collaborating to effect real, meaningful and lasting change beyond the limits of their individual agendas.

Businesses are becoming more human and responsible. They are realising that they have an active role to play in creating a better world for their employees and for the whole of society.

Their assets, strengths and experience can help unleash the potential that exists in every place and person.

Governments & Public Services

Governments are becoming more open, agile and networked allowing citizens, civil society and institutions to collaborate alongside them in surprising and effective ways.

Public services are listening and working on an equal footing with those they serve to radically reinvent how they; assist, enable, empower and engage.

Together they are rethinking how we do things and rewriting what the future could be.

A 21st Century Movement

We call these actions, initiatives and behaviours ‘socially enterprising’.

It is simply doing what humans have always done best.

Definition of the word 'socially'
Definition of the word 'enterprising'

It is being Creative, Social and Resourceful.

A 21st Century Co-operative Network

Socially Enterprising is a new kind of platform and a new kind of organisation.

We connect society into a story of creativity and possibility where we work together to transform; where we live, our organisations and businesses, the environment and the economy.

Would you like to know who saves the world?

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