The Platform

A fully networked strategy

Our networked approach forms a fully integrated platform for community development and social change.

1. A network of networks

To connect the needs of citizens, place, civil society, the state and business we recognise that there are different needs dependant upon the distance and scale at which each operates.

We separate these distinct needs into 3 tiers of networks: National, Regional and Local.

Multiple networks exist within the Regional and Local tiers with citizens, organisations and partners connecting only with the networks which most suit their needs.

Overview of Network Tiers & Purpose
Socially Enterprising Network Overview

2. ‘Socially’, an online platform for community development

The community level networks adopt a different brand identity that is more suitable for lifestyle and community use.

‘Socially’ is local media reinvented for health & wellbeing, personal development, and community development.

Diagram: Socially - An Overview

3. ‘Socially’, a unified platform for storytelling

Today, local organisations and groups are all working within their own silos even if they share common aims.

Socially delivers a single storytelling platform that meets the needs of people, place and community. Through this local channel organisational efforts can overlap, intersect, amplify and resonate.

Diagram: Socially Platform Strategy - Telling Our Story

4. Authoring our futures

The Socially Enterprising platform creates opportunities for personal, organisational and community development.

Every step along the way is an example for someone following behind or a platform for someone else to build upon.

Our content strategy makes these steps and achievements visible to encourage confidence, involvement, connection and shared identity.

Diagram: Becoming Socially Enterprising
Socially Enterprising Light Bulb

socially enterprising

connecting people, place, and purpose.

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