Connecting Society

Socially Enterprising is an online platform which brings together civil society, businesses and the state and allows their strengths, assets and resources to be made available for community and social good.

We offer these organisations a convenient way to help communities, care for the environment and benefit society.

At the same time we provide them with opportunities to change or improve their own operations, processes, products and services.

By helping to transform society they too can be transformed.

Connecting Communities

We connect communities to themselves and to each other so that they become aware of the possibility and potential that exists all around them.

Through partnerships with community media organisations we ensure that the real story of communities is made visible so that people can see the full range of local organisations, activities and events that they can get involved with and the work that they do.

This is local media reinvented to support; community development, civic engagement, health and well-being, actives lives and personal development.

We place communities at the centre of a new story in which they become co-creators of a shared future brought into being through their own actions.

Realising Our Full Potential

We connect these two worlds together in such a way that they are able to help each other to realise their full potential.

Today’s challenges are great but not insurmountable.

Issues such as poverty, discrimination, climate change and well-being are national and international concerns that are experienced every day on our own doorsteps.

It is there where we can make a difference –¬†through collective, intelligent and compassionate action.

We inherited the world we were given.

Together we can build a different one.

A 21st Century Platform for a 21st Century Society

Intro Video

Why Story and why Socially Enterprising?

A 21st Century Co-operative Network

Socially Enterprising is a new kind of platform and a new kind of organisation.

We connect society into a story of creativity and possibility where we work together to transform; where we live, our organisations and businesses, the environment and the economy.

Would you like to know who saves the world?

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