what would the world look like if we turned it upside down?

If disabled people got jobs?

If communities made local decisions?

If people created solutions to their problems?

what would the world look like if it was as small as a town?

If learning was on your doorstep?

If opportunities were down your street?

If the state was your nextdoor neighbour?

isn't that the right way up? isn't that just the right size?

At Socially Enterprising we have a vision of a world that works for people.

A world where we can improve our lives while helping others, and where towns and communities can create opportunties while building their future.

We believe in the importance of place and the power of story.

That when we weave together people and place with creativity, hope and our ability to work together for the common good – a powerful story begins to take shape.

When we add to this threads of shared purpose and civic pride, human compassion and understanding, the joy of imagination and the freedom of dreams – we give that story a life that is full of possibility and meaning.

We are the same people, the same businesses, the same organisations, in the same town as were there before – but now we have become a community connected through a shared story, a shared purpose and a common future.

We call it connecting people, place, and purpose.

Because when we give people, place and purpose, their own platform – they create new relationships, they forge common bonds, and they generate positive news, positive people, and positive lives.

You can see it in our name and you can see it in what we do.

we are socially enterprising...

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socially enterprising

connecting people, place, and purpose.

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