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Kudoz is a new online learning platform where people with a passion to share host offline experiences for someone with a cognitive disability that is bored, curious, or looking to try something new.

It’s a new kind of social start up offers a better way for people to volunteer, and a better way for cities to become inclusive places of learning. Just like Airbnb revolutionized the tourism industry, Kudoz creates a totally new way of offering your time and talents to the community.

How it works: Locals host anything from anime drawing to bread making to city politics. Adults with a cognitive disability book an experience and spend an hour learning. Then, everyone is invited to Reflection Cafe to think about what they gained from the experience and what to do next. People earn badges for completing experiences and unlock education opportunities and future roles. Kudoz also offers support and coaching for people going on experiences and we help hosts hone their teaching skills.

To learn more, please visit: Kudoz


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