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Future Hackney is a mobile digital arts space focusing on dynamic visuals. Armed with cameras, iphones and laptops young people take to the streets to document Hackney. Teaming up as an audio-visual crew, they film, photograph and act, showcasing their vibrant surroundings. From films in boxing clubs, photos of locals in Hoxton, to urban music – productions we aim to document through the eyes of those who want to create change. Social media is our thing – we work on many platforms and listen to what young people want to say and share.

Future Hackney is a borough wide initiative funded by The National Lottery with the aim of creating new pathways and opportunities for young people. They learn a wide range of skills and engage with their community by using the spaces they live in as their focus. Working in partnership with creative and local organisations we inspire young people to pick up their digital tools, and head towards their futures.

To learn more, please visit: FUTURE HACKNEY


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