Jordan Butler, founder of Heavy Sound CIC

Through music and creative writing projects, Heavy Sound CIC helps disadvantaged and disengaged young people in central Scotland to develop, engage and build confidence. Its founder, Jordan Butler, was a student at SSE Scotland on our Bank of Scotland Social Entrepreneurs Start Up Programme 2016-17.

The beginning

Music was always an escape for Jordan Butler. As a homeless teenager in Edinburgh, dealing with alcohol and drug problems, music was his only refuge. “I mostly listened to hip-hop, the angrier the better,” recalls the former rapper. “It was all I had.”

“I was ready to quit – and then I learned about the SSE”

Jordan eventually received housing support through a youth café, but grew disillusioned when he was told there were no opportunities for him to make or write music. “It was at this point I came up with the idea to one day start a business offering more alternative access to music-making and writing projects, and began making music by my own means.”

Eleven years later, Heavy Sound was born.

To read the rest of this article, please visit: Jordan Butler, Heavy Sound CIC


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