Waiting for the TEDx video edit of my talk is like watching the pot that never boils, so whilst I wait, I thought I might as well publish the text.  That of course, I didn’t stick to!!!!

“Good afternoon Kingston.

I would like to start by asking you a question. What does human wellbeing depend upon? Any ideas? [Some of the answers were: Wifi? Money? Love? Health? Food? Safety? Optimism, Friendship. Water. Music? Chocolate.]

I think we’re in a time where it’s really important for us to have a really clear picture for ourselves about what our wellbeing depends upon. I think we can express what our wellbeing depends upon so simply I have it here.

Upon these things: Food, water, housing, health, education, shelter, security. What we might call the 20th century human rights project. Basic needs that all the countries in the world agree everyone has a right to but where we’re still in serious undershoot, under delivering in many countries in the world.

The other half of our wellbeing depends on this – our little blue dot in the Universe. Stable climate, fertile soil, thriving biodiversity, ample fresh water, healthy oceans. Where, according to scientists we’re in overshoot o r going over safe planetary boundaries.

We are only just beginning to realise the state of the inter-dependence of these two things. No stable climate; no security. No fertile soil; no food. No healthy oceans, no fish.

Our challenge, our generational challenge is to somehow get everyone on the planet to a place where we all have those things we agree we need without going over any more boundaries and by reining in the ones we’ve already overshot. I like to think of it as the Biggest Human Adventure of our Lifetime.

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