Catalonia is at the forefront of new economic thinking. They are a region rich in social currencies and in projects and people creating functioning post-capitalist societies. In June 2015, while in the midst of arranging the launch of the Exeter Pound, a local currency for Exeter, Adam and Hannah raised the money to travel to Catalonia and interview some on-the-ground members of these post-capitalist networks to get a glimpse of how and why they are forming. The film is a selection of interviews and is divided into five topics of discussion: 1) The Cooperativa Integral Catalana – a cooperative which replaces existing capitalist functions; 2) Social currencies – local alternatives to national currencies; 3) Cryptocurrencies – global alternatives to national currencies; 4) Civil Disobedience – bending or breaking rules for the benefit of people; and 5) the notion of a Devon Integral Cooperative – that something like the CIC could happen in the UK.

The film here is standard/low quality as this is within Vimeo’s upload size limit. If you would like the full HD version of the film please get in touch with us:

To learn more, please visit: Vimeo


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