“It’s amazing.  I’ve been living in Portalegre for ever, 37 years, and I have felt my community and my city crumble, people turning their backs on each other.  The community garden we created tells me it is possible to do things with other people.  It is possible, we just need to wake up to each other again.”

Sònia Tavares, Portalegre em Transição, Portugal.

Practical projects are central to developing Transition as they are creating the world that we want to live in. They show people in your community that Transition can actually make a changes at a local level that are positive and benefit them directly. They also provide your group with something very concrete to focus on and develop. Combined with this they also:

  • Provide people with lots of different ways to get involved Transition
  • Promote the Transition idea in your community
  • Can lead to the creation of jobs and social businesses
  • Empower people through helping them to develop new skills

To view the list of projects, please visit: Transition Network


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