The Inclusive Growth Commission was an independent, impactful inquiry designed to understand and identify practical ways to make local economies across the UK more economically inclusive and prosperous.

Cities and places in the UK and internationally are grappling with how to deal with a sustained period of low growth and high inequality. The distribution of economic growth – the flow of opportunities and benefits from economic activity – has become a first order question, no longer just a secondary concern. A global consensus is emerging around the view that inequality not only has a social cost, but that it also hampers long-term economic performance and the productive potential of people and places.

Chaired by former BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders and building on the success of the RSA’s City Growth Commission, the Commission sought to devise new models for place-based growth, which enable the widest range of people to participate fully in, and benefit from, the growth of their local area. The inquiry was completed and published its findings in April, 2017.

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Read the final report:

Inclusive Growth Commission: Making our economy work for everyone


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