A large body of evidence shows that values are of central importance in leading people to express concern about social and environmental issues – whether this concern is expressed by changing aspects of day-to-day behaviour, by becoming politically involved, or by volunteering.

A common set of values, which we call compassionate values, underpin such social and environmental concern. Everyone holds these values to some extent – indeed the majority of people privilege these values above all others. Strengthening and giving voice to these values will help to create responses to a wide range of social and environmental challenges – from climate change to social exclusion. Indeed, it is difficult to foresee long-lasting and adequate responses to some of today’s most pressing challenges emerging without working to promote these values.

Common Cause is a network of people working to rebalance cultural values, creating a more equitable, sustainable and democratic society. Our work, drawing on extensive collaboration with some of the world’s leading social psychologists, is establishing key principles and insights to achieve this.


To learn more, please visit: Common Cause Foundation


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