Working with nature to fire spirits, kindle community and foster wellbeing​​​

The objective of the Forestry Commission, as steward of the whole public forest estate across the UK, is to pursue management of the nation’s forests in a manner which provides a sustainable source of timber, a recreational resource for the public, and a diverse habitat for wildlife.  Multi-purpose forestry has been pioneered by the Commission for many years, and the work of the Neroche Scheme has underlined the potential of multi-purpose forests to provide for human needs while remaining as natural havens.

At Young Wood we are seeking to continue this ethos, and develop it to its fullest extent.  We believe passionately in exploring the overlap between human use and benefit from forests, and their conservation for wildlife and for wildness.  What we seek to do is to re-emphasise that overlap, not merely by juxtaposing woodland management with learning and well being activities, but by making real, tangible links between them.

Aside from the human harvest we hope to generate through our activities, we intend to work with the Forestry Commission to generate a physical harvest of wood products, and a natural harvest of enhanced wildlife habitats.


To learn more, please visit: Neroche Woodlanders


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