Many managers report feeling powerless to the influence of negative organisational culture

There is no shortage of information about how to create a positive organisational culture or affect cultural change within an organisation. But what if you’re not the CEO or General Manager and you don’t feel like you have the power to create that change?

What if you’re a manager of a team that is part of an organisation with a negative culture? You may feel powerless to overcome the influence of the wider organisational culture. Like a butterfly in the wind, your efforts, regardless of how good a leader you are, may do little to negate the influence of the organisation’s culture.

Overcoming negative organisational culture

As a manager you have many challenges, not least of which is creating and maintaining a positive culture in your team. You may be an exceptional leader, you may have completed professional development in leadership excellence, and you may be doing all you can to be an effective leader. But many managers report problems with their team being negatively influenced by the culture of the organisation. In such an organisation, negative impacts on your team’s culture can come from above (the actions and decisions of senior management) and from all around from any member of the organisation.


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